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P-194 In a predominately white rural area, how do we reach out and offer equality, diversity and inclusion within the hospice and its community?
  1. Wendy Ashton,
  2. Eve Robertson,
  3. Kate Allison,
  4. Jonny Irving,
  5. Adam Chubb and
  6. Natalie Cameron
  1. Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw Children’s Hospice, Carlisle, UK


The population in Cumbria is predominantly white (97.6%), with all other ethnic groups combined representing the remaining 2.4% of the population (2021 census).

Aims To develop Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Champions within the hospice and collect equality and diversity data to better inform how we can support our staff. To create an inclusive environment for staff, volunteers, patients and families. To reach out to the 2.4% and the diverse minorities and diasporas in Cumbria. To be a diverse and inclusive employer.

Methods Survey sent out to all staff to collect data and feedback. To train and embed a Freedom to Speak Up Guardian and Champion. Collaborate with Hospice@Home to address the needs of reaching out to non-English speaking communities. Recruit in-house staff from a variety of areas, to be ED&I champions.

Results Our recruitment policies are designed to encourage a diverse workforce. We have a Freedom to Speak up Guardian and Champion, and six EDI Champions. We produced a diversity statement for the hospice. We offer training to staff and volunteers. We have an application together for our Rainbow Stripes award to be an LGBTQ+ friendly organisation. We have attended Pride. We have gender neutral toilets and changing rooms and we support period poverty with free products in our toilets. We have developed an informative SharePoint section and attended the Multi Cultural Bazaar with a stall. All rooms are single occupancy. Training is planned for various topics that were highlighted in the survey feedback. We have celebrated events and marked occasions, such as Eid, Humanist Day, Ramadan etc. We are also a Disability Confident Employer.

Conclusion The equality, diversity and inclusion work we are doing is ongoing, responsive to staff and to the communities we serve. We are building on networks and collaborating on events over the next year. We have built links with the multicultural and minority groups in North Cumbria. Our organisational values are to be inclusive, compassionate, collaborative, knowledgeable and innovative.

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