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P-188 Methoxyflurane for procedure related pain in a hospice
  1. Bill Hulme,
  2. Rich Wardle and
  3. Sophie Arguile
  1. St Leonard’s Hospice, York, UK


Methoxyflurane (marketed as Penthrox in UK) in a non-CD inhaled analgesic with similar properties to nitrous oxide. It is licensed as an emergency analgesic for moderate to severe pain associated with trauma, with a rapid onset of action and short half life. Studies have shown it to be of benefit in short term painful procedures such as manipulation of joints and bone marrow aspiration. In addition to a favourable safety profile the drug is delivered via a small portable device that the patient can control. Methoxyflurane is also more environmentally sustainable than nitrous oxide, being a less potent a greenhouse gas.

Whilst this drug has been used for decades in out-of-hospital care, its use in specialist palliative care is extremely limited. This poster will report on an evaluation of the use of methoxyflurane in a hospice inpatient setting for the management of pain in traumatic procedures such as dressing changes and personal care in patients with pathological bone fractures. We have included an overall assessment of clinical indications and contraindications, and its efficacy and side effects.

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