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P-152 The benefits of evening complementary therapy to patients in a hospice inpatient setting
  1. Wendy Short,
  2. Christine McLean,
  3. Caitlyn Cunninghame,
  4. Gabriel Jordan and
  5. Heather Hardie
  1. Ayrshire Hospice, Ayr, UK


Background This project saw evening complementary therapies offered to patients and carers at the Ayrshire Hospice. User feedback demonstrated demand for a service prior to bedtime maximising the benefits of the quieter evening environment.

Aim The team aimed to provide a minimum of six sessions per week for the pilot period (n=62). Measures were established to capture the impact on sleep, pain and wellbeing, as reported by patients and carers. The impact on the clinical team was also monitored.

Methods The service operated three nights per week from 7pm-10pm, October to December 2022. The service was evaluated using questionnaires to recipients and staff. Further feedback was gained from focused discussion. For patients and carers a score (0–5) was noted pre and post session. Self-reported outcome of impact on wellbeing, sleep and pain using a Likert scale was recorded. For staff, impact on workload, communication and impact on patients, carers and the team were explored.


  • A total of 68 sessions were carried out with 63 patients and 5 carers.

  • 45 out of 48 forms were returned with a rating before and after.

  • 93% of people reported an improved rating.

  • 7% reported no change.

  • 70% found an improvement in sleep quality, 50% showed a reduction in pain and 80% showed an improvement in mood or anxiety.

  • Average rating before being seen by a therapist was 2.31 and after 4.22.

  • 93% of people who submitted an evaluation returned an improved rating.

  • 100% of staff noticed a benefit to either the patient, a family member, themselves and/or other staff.

Conclusion This project has highlighted the considerable benefits of an evening complementary therapy service to patients, carers and staff. The majority of patients reported improved wellbeing, sleep and pain levels, with no negative impact on the ward routine reported.

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