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P-150 The wellbeing project: the effect of meaningful activity on patients’ wellbeing during an inpatient stay
  1. Jerri O’Callaghan,
  2. Louise Barker and
  3. Sophie Harvey
  1. The Hospice of St Francis, Berkhamsted, UK


Background Evidence suggests that there are five key factors which can promote positive mental health and wellbeing; connecting, being active, taking notice, keep learning and giving (NHS England. 5 Steps to mental wellbeing (2022) [Internet]). Patients on the inpatient unit (IPU) are at risk of deconditioning (Bynon, Wilding, Eyres. Aus Occupational Ther J. 2007; 54(3): 225–227), affecting their engagement in meaningful activities. We explored and evaluated engaging patients in meaningful occupations to provide a positive sense of wellbeing whilst an inpatient.

Aims To promote quality of life by engaging patients on the IPU in meaningful activities that provide a sense of purpose, pleasure and togetherness, whilst monitoring the impact of the individual’s mental wellbeing. The activities chosen are specific to the 5 pillars of wellbeing, ensuring that they are enjoyable and mentally and physically stimulating.

Method (Dec. 2021 – Dec. 2022): Diarised two interventions a week, facilitated by two out of seven specifically trained volunteers. Feedback collated after each session from the participants via feedback form.

Results 95% of participants felt an improved sense of wellbeing after engaging with the project, influenced by spending time out of their room and with others and trying something new. Patients experienced a sense of achievement, relaxation and positivity following the sessions.

Conclusion We believe that engaging in meaningful activity during the wellbeing project contributes to a positive sense of wellbeing to patients and their families, providing social interaction, an outlet for creativity and a change of environment.

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