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P-103 Utilising project ECHO® to implement the tier 1 face-to-face element of Oliver McGowan mandatory training across South Yorkshire
  1. Michelle McKenzie Smith
  1. St. Luke’s Hospice, Sheffield, UK


Background In July 2022 the Health and Care Act 2022 introduced a requirement that regulated service providers ensure their staff receive training on learning disability and autism, appropriate to the individual’s role. This was the result of campaigning by the parents of Oliver McGowan following his untimely death ( Tier 1 training comprises e-learning (e-lfh,2022) followed by a 1 hour online interactive session with facilitators with learning disability and autism diagnoses.

Aim To facilitate the delivery of the interactive (face-to-face) element of the Tier 1 mandatory training to circa 38,000 health and social care staff across South Yorkshire in three years.

Method Utilise the novel ECHO methodology to facilitate one-hour Oliver McGowan interactive sessions either via Zoom or MS Teams. Specifically trained ‘trios’ of facilitators (one with a learning disability; one with autism, and, a specially training facilitator) will be joined by an ECHO administrator to deliver nationally agreed content to groups of 30 staff per session. Answers to pre-submitted questions will be prepared and delivered during ECHO sessions. Healthcare staff are to book their interactive session within a fixed time frame (to be laid out in the ‘code of practice’ when published later in 2023) once the e-learning is completed. To manage bookings and report training activity at scale a Customer Relations Management (CRM) system is in implementation. Information sharing between the employing organisations and the CRM will be essential to ensure eligibility to attend the ECHO session.

Results No results are available as yet as delivery is anticipated to start in the middle of May 2023.

Conclusion Through the use of pre and post session questionnaires we hope to show increased knowledge and understanding around learning disabilities and autism and how accurate information sharing will ensure timely booking and attendance at an interactive ECHO session for those who are required to attend.

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