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P-102 Education innovation to improve access, quality, and sustainability for palliative and end of life care in the Midlands
  1. Philippa Shreeve and
  2. Sharan Harris-Christensen
  1. Treetops Hospice, Derby, UK


Background Integrated Care Systems (ICS) represent a radical overhaul in health and social care design and delivery (Health and Care Act 2022). As systems we aim to develop healthy places to live and work, driving equity in life chances and health outcomes for everyone. A cornerstone of this is education and development, not just for staff, but for those forming grassroot support to those at the end of their lives. Three large systems in the Midlands have combined to create an interactive, intuitive education and training platform to support this delivery.

Aim(s) Development of a portal for education, ensuring equity to all, mapped to national educational core competencies, regional and local ICS workforce strategic plans, signposting to high quality education, training resources QoF, QI training, e-ELCA and Personalised Care Institute plus best practice information, based on a blended approach.

Method Through co-production, identify areas of education and training need focused on those at risk of, or working with, groups impacted by health inequity. Pool resources and expertise to achieve ‘best value for money’.

Analysis of:

  • Baseline systemwide palliative and end of life care knowledge.

  • Analysis of impact of delivery, via validated research tool: EMET (Whittaker, Parry, Bird, et al. BMJ Support Palliat Care. 2018; 8(4):439–446).

  • Evaluation of cross-system regional approach.

Results The portal will enable a diverse range of organisations and individuals to easily access relevant system-wide training and education, ensuring reach and engagement by organisations supporting underserved populations. Evaluation will be via Google Analytics, user feedback, stakeholder engagement and multi-professional evaluation.

Conclusions This project will provide creative interactive resources, via an intuitive education and training platform, supporting people across our systems delivering end of life care. Enhancing a confident workforce across all sectors with the knowledge, skills, and capability to deliver high quality palliative and end of life care. The structure will be in line with all three tiers of core competencies, with robust project evaluation underpinned by research. Delivery will be via system-wide collaboration and ensure best value for money.

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