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P-98 Embracing electronic prescribing in a hospice setting
  1. Duncan Fleming
  1. Mountbatten Hospice Group, Newport, UK


Background It was agreed in May 2022 that the hospice would move their Inpatient Unit medication recording electronically onto SystmOne, previously this had always been done on paper. The Isle of Wight is unique in that as well as Mountbatten using SystmOne, all GPs and Community Nurses also use SystmOne. Last year the acute trust on the Isle of Wight also decided to move to SystmOne.

Aims The aims of the project were not only to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the medication administration on the Inpatient Unit at the hospice but also to improve the continuity of care with other organisations, be able to see what has been prescribed by the hospice and easily identify the ‘to take out’ medications.

Method A small working party was created including, a Consultant, two Pharmacists, one of whom had worked on another roll-out of SystmOne’s medication administration module before, a SystmOne Specialist and the Head of Quality as project manager. The group met fortnightly and had actions assigned to ensure the project stayed on track. A key element of the roll-out was the on the ground support during roll-out and the weeks after ‘go live’ to ensure the new way of working was embedded correctly.

Results The feedback from the Inpatient Unit team has been overwhelmingly positive, with time saved on drugs rounds, information being more accessible and the ability to remote prescribe medications extremely beneficial to patient care.

Conclusion The project has been a success, the project ‘go live’ date was achieved and the new way of working is now embedded within the Inpatient Unit. Electronic prescribing has helped to improve efficiencies on drug rounds, reduced errors and allowed for more timely remote prescribing.

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