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O-10 Embedding palliative education and learning into care homes: a prospective pilot study of observational feedback and role modelling
  1. Wendy Freeman and
  2. Nicky Wood
  1. Isabel Hospice, Welwyn Garden City, UK


Background The Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care (2021) highlight the need for all staff to be prepared to care. This includes ensuring staff working in care homes can support their patients’ palliative care needs. Palliative education is a good first step to ensure this quality care and prevent inappropriate admissions to hospital from care homes echoed in a report by Public Health England (2014) which noted increases in care home deaths and called for training in end of life care recognition. But how do we guarantee this education is embedded? Bandura’s social learning model (1986) highlights the importance of learning within the care setting.

Aims This pilot study aims to harness an educational approach which will consist of observational feedback and role modelling. Intention is to give real time education that will be embedded.

Methods A pilot has been designed taking place from May 2023 to June 2023. The care home educator gained agreement of two homes to deliver this pilot over two sessions. The educator will create a transparent real-time observational and role modelling approach. Feedback will be offered to individuals and overall, to the care home. Consent has been obtained from both homes to conduct this pilot. All learning will be documented within an observational template collating evidence of observations and resulting learning. Embedding of learning will be monitored on subsequent sessions. This evidence will be reviewed to highlight themes and findings. All evidence will be anonymised.

Conclusion A observational and role modelling approach could allow embedding of real time learning into practice. The aim is to ensure all care home staff are prepared to give high quality palliative care to their residents. This pilot aims to provide evidence to allow further such initiatives within other care homes.

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