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P-80 Audit of completion of ReSPECT forms by hospice staff
  1. Helen Burgess
  1. Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, Farnham, UK


Background ReSPECT (Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment) is a process which creates ‘personalised recommendations for a person’s clinical care and treatment in a future emergency in which they are unable to make or express choices’ (Resuscitation Council UK. ReSPECT for healthcare professionals. [internet]). It had been adopted by one of our ICSs (Integrated Care Systems) for two years and was then introduced in the other. At the same time, an extensive programme of education was undertaken by the hospice to upskill staff in advance care planning including ReSPECT conversations.

Aims To quantify the number of ReSPECT forms completed by hospice staff and the quality of information provided, with reference to standards developed from the ‘ten top tips’ document produced by the Resuscitation Council UK. To identify areas for improvement for sharing with clinical staff.

Methods Identification of patients with ReSPECT form coded on electronic records. Review of electronic records to view copy of ReSPECT form and analyse quality of data included on the form.

Process completed initially in 2021 and repeated in 2022 following staff education and wider introduction of the ReSPECT process. Data collated and presented at a clinical education session.

Results 2021. 7 forms completed by hospice staff – 100% compliance with standards other than: 86% recorded patient preferences, 14% signed by senior responsible clinician and 0 reviewed at change of care setting.

2022. 58 completed by hospice staff. 100% compliance except 97% had specific clinical recommendations recorded, 93% patient preferences, 69% signed by senior responsible clinician. Only 3/58 had evidence of review at change of care setting.

Conclusions High quality of information recorded on ReSPECT forms by hospice staff but scope to improve signing by senior responsible clinician and review at change of care setting. Education and awareness raising has been successful in improving quantity and quality of ReSPECT forms completed by staff.

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