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P-44 Hospital admissions avoidance project
  1. Rachel Mills and
  2. Sarah Harries
  1. Hospice of the Valleys, Ebbw Vale, UK


Background There are numbers of unnecessary hospital admissions whereby individuals have been admitted for social reasons and for treatment that could be given in their own home. Working in collaboration, we look to reduce the number of hospital admissions to promote better outcome for individuals and their family/carers.

Aims The Hospital Admissions Avoidance Project (HAAP) aims to prevent hospital admissions for patients who are acutely unwell and may require extra support whilst treatment options are administered at home. HAAP also supports carers who are in crisis, therefore preventing an admission.

Methods A team of Health Care Assistants will provide day/night care for a period of 5 -7 days. The team can provide personal care, encouragement with food and fluids, prompt medication and offer comfort and reassurance for the individual and carers. Referrals can be made by both medical professionals and social care professionals.

Results January 2022 – December 2022. Numbers of referrals: 83. Number of hospital admissions avoided: 78. Feedback received:

Just to say the two Carers were amazing, not only for my dad, but for myself and my husband. We felt that we could face another day with hope. They were the kindest, patient, and loveliest of human being, I thank them both”.

It was such a relief to have help, the overnight sits meant that, not only my dad had a night’s sleep (he was exhausted), but we all as a family slept better”.

Conclusion Our Hospital Avoidance Admissions Project has steadily grown since its introduction. It has provided support to those within our local community and allows individuals the chance to remain in their preferred place of care.

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