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P-33 Co-producing a new model of care – Developing the transform programme
  1. Kai-Nneka Townsend and
  2. Isatta Sisay
  1. Royal Trinity Hospice, London, UK


Background In January 2022 the hospice launched a five-year strategy to meet all unmet need across the catchment. Estimates suggest that the hospice reaches 46% of potential beneficiaries of its care. Central to the strategy is a new clinical model to create a sustainable foundation for patients/carers and meet increases in demand and complexity.

Aims To reach all who could benefit from our services through an inclusive and collaborative approach, while maintaining quality and financial balance.

Methodology Our five-phase programme for the new model: (1) Review current model and collaboratively articulate vision for new model: the clinical hub. (2) Establish working groups to develop elements of the clinical hub, comprising management and ‘on the ground’ clinicians. (3) Begin phased roll-out of new services. (4) Evaluation. (5) Handover to business as usual, review lessons.

We identified that the clinical hub would deliver requirements for a single point of access and centralised admin/coordination of care.

Through new and expanded services it will: Create a central admin team coordinating all services; create new services (including virtual hospice ward, 24/7 rapid response, patient ambulance, Compassionate Neighbours befriending project); expand our award-winning care coordination service catchment-wide; relaunch an enhanced outpatient and bereavement programme. The clinical hub will reduce waiting times, freeing up capacity to reach more people.

Results Outpatient and enhanced bereavement service launched May 2023. Compassionate Neighbours launched Jan 2023 (14 referrals, 6 matches, 28 volunteers trained to date). Roll-outs planned: Care Coordination Service (July 2023); Rapid Response (Sept. 2023); Virtual Hospice Ward (Nov. 2023).

Conclusion Working collaboratively with staff at all levels has resulted in a streamlined and focussed vision to transform care. We have prioritised efficiency and quality at all stages of staff consultation. Phase 4 will be critical in ensuring that the clinical hub is sustainable for future growth of demand and complexity.

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