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P-23 Working together – A regional hospice collaborative
  1. Lindsay Hamer
  1. The Prince of Wales Hospice, Pontefract, UK


Background The Regional Hospice Collaborative is a provider collaborative of 10 hospices (8 adult and 2 children’s). The collaborative of independent and national hospices first came together in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and quickly realised the benefits of working together. The Collaborative works strategically to have the important conversations around priorities and funding. As part of the ICB System Leadership Group and Partnership Board, the Collaborative ensures hospices are front of mind, integrated with the wider health system, able to drive decisions to make a positive difference.

Aims To better serve the people of our region by working together in a more integrated way. To identify those who could benefit from hospice care early, ensuring patients get the right care, at the right time and in the right place. To build and spread the good practice already in place, to find solutions to the gaps in provision and address unmet need. To be future ready in ensuring financial and operational resilience to meet the diverse needs of our communities.

Key results Built trust and mutual understanding of the diversity across our hospices – we are all different shapes and sizes and have different opportunities and challenges ahead. Provided peer support and shared intelligence. Initiated sustained conversations around funding and sustainability. Taken a deeper look at equality across our hospices. Championed hospice care, building awareness within the wider health and care system of our unique position as independent charities.

Conclusions Working together as a collaborative has brought huge benefits for our region’s hospices. We have a stronger voice, increased visibility, become strategic partners within the system, developed relationships of trust rather than competition, and all hospices have seen uplifts in funding.

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