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P-245 The career development and progression framework: process learning and rapid adaptations in the early adopter sites
  1. Lyndsey Simpson and
  2. Laura Briant
  1. Marie Curie, London, UK


Background Marie Curie has invested in its staff by creating a Career Development and Progression Framework. It has been created into an online learning tool for nursing staff. In December 2022 the project entered phase 4 of its project implementation. Two early adopter sites were chosen to implement the framework for Bands 2, 5, 6 & 7. They were supported by two Clinical Facilitators, who supported by helping embed the framework and by evaluating its progress.

Aims Evaluate learning processes and make rapid adaptations where possible to improve user experience of the framework. Produce an evaluation report of the findings.

Method A Plan Do Study Act cycle was used to evaluate implementation. Data collection was obtained through verbal feedback, email correspondence and survey data. Excel reports were used to obtain framework completion rates.

Results 590 total users.

  • 34% (198) staff completed the self-assessment tool.

  • 8% (49) staff completed the self-assessment tool and personal development plan.

  • Manager completion time was reportedly 2–3 hours. This was reduced following a process change.

  • IT literacy – peer support role was introduced to provide IT support in practice. Video guides and drop-in sessions were developed to support site navigation and use.

  • Senior nurses granted managers access upon request to help completion rates and manage workload.

  • A ticket system was created to deal with IT access and login queries.

Conclusion Rapid adaptations enabled user experience to be smoother, time efficient and streamlined. It will require ongoing process reviews and recommendations for the user experience to be improved and governed. Some adaptations required to the site were not possible at this early stage due to design and financial restraints but will be closely monitored in the next stage of implementation.

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