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PP19.002 Developing an interactive advance care planning framework
  1. Cari Borenko,
  2. Lauren Thomas and
  3. Andrew Saunderson
  1. Fraser Health Authority, British Columbia, Canada, Canada


Background Fraser Health Authority (FHA) has had an Advance Care Planning (ACP) Framework since 2017. The model served as a guide to support health care professionals (HCPs) expand their understanding and support evidenced based practice. It supported HCPs with questions such as:

  • When do I start ACP conversations with clients?

  • Where do I document these conversations?

  • What kinds of questions should I be asking clients?

  • What is the link between ACP and Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST)?

  • What other HCP resources are available for me and for clients?

However, a traditional text-based structure is not adequate for the current needs of busy HCPs in 2022.

Methods Innovative Approach

Results Together with provincial partners, the Regional FHA ACP team co-created an interactive illustrative framework and an accompanying toolkit to support consistent understanding of ACP.

Conclusion While the nautical graphics assist with ‘big picture’ understanding, the complementary HCPs toolkit outlines ‘what to do and when’. Both contain clickable direct links to clinician tools, documentation forms, contact information for advice, and informational resources to pass on to clients. The intention of this two-part framework is to address:

  • A variety of ways of learning: visual (professionally designed graphics; links to videos), auditory (converted to pdf for pdf readers, links to podcasts), read/write (text based information), kinaesthetic (examples of conversations and documentation).

  • Practicality: quick, need to know information.

  • Links to exactly what they need, when they need it.

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