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PP19.001Re-imaging a regional advance care planning team
  1. Cari Borenko,
  2. Lauren Thomas and
  3. Andrew Saunderson
  1. Fraser Health Authority, British Columbia, Canada, Surrey, Canada


Background In Canada and most of the world, Advance Care Planning (ACP) programs in health care are temporary projects, and funded by minimal full-time equivalent (FTE) staffing. Health care professionals solely dedicated to systems level ACP implementation is rare, often voluntary in nature or added to an overwhelming list of health care professionals’ responsibilities.

Methods Innovative Approaches

Results Fraser Health Authority had 1 FTE dedicated ACP systems level HCP for 13 years. In 2019, FH expanded its ACP program from a single HCP to three nurses and three social workers. The team works at a regional level to improve ACP practice across 12 hospitals, 20 communities, in all settings of care and with all health care disciplines – a first for Canada!

Conclusion Recognizing that education alone is not sufficient to improve HCP engagement in ACP, the team developed an innovative systems improvement approach. In addition to education, this approach prioritizes the following:

  • systems and needs assessment;

  • cohorted education;

  • systems and workflow redesign;

  • coaching and mentoring; and

  • outcome measurement.

This poster will highlight how this unique team was built and more importantly, the innovative approach to their work: the Fraser Health Advance Care Planning Systems Approach Model.

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