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BOS1b.004 The creation of an easy read advance care planning workbook
  1. Lauren Thomas and
  2. Cari Borenko
  1. Fraser Health Authority, Surrey, Canada


Background As one of the largest and most diverse health authorities in Canada, Fraser Health Authority’s (FHA) Regional Advance Care Planning (ACP) Team is privileged to facilitate hundreds of education sessions and workshops for the public each year. We are committed to equity and are constantly striving to meet the varying needs and abilities of our communities and community partners.

Methods Innovative Approach

Results In collaboration with community partners, this team co-created a picture based, simplified Easy Read Advance Care Planning Workbook. It supports people who may process information differently. Target audiences include:

  • People living with brain conditions such as Dementia, Huntington’s disease, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, or tumors

  • People living with impairments from health events such as aphasia from Stroke or other limitations from Brain Injury

  • People living with disabilities

  • People with limited English literacy (when translation is not available)

This is a first of its kind inclusive resource which includes simultaneous caregiver and support persons with guidance to assist others through the ACP process.

Conclusion In this oral presentation, participants will:

  • Discuss the importance and challenges of creating an inclusive workbook that meets the diverse needs and abilities of various underserved populations

  • Review key steps and significant stakeholders involved in an inclusive equity-focused process

  • Begin to explore ways to adapt this workbook into your country or community.

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