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119 Let’s Talk: Advance Care Planning. How can we improve the quality of advance care planning both in hospital and community?
  1. Joanna Bate,
  2. Marsha Dawkins and
  3. Irene Carey
  1. Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust


Background End of life care (EoLC) and advance care planning (ACP) conversations can be challenging for staff and patients. Drawing on published guidance and building on previous local work1–4 this Trustwide project aims to improve the experience of patients, carers and staff in engaging with ACP discussions and to measure progress.

Method(s) This project is led by an ACP Nurse Specialist, overseen by the EoLC clinical lead and Deputy Head of Nursing. NHS Quality improvement methodology underpins the work which is supported by a steering group and governance structure.

Implementation of our previously developed ‘Let’s Talk’ resources (supporting information to aid understanding of ACP: videos, leaflet, website5), building stakeholder relationships, staff education, clinical visibility and role modelling were undertaken to increase engagement in ACP. A Gap Analysis Action Plan (GAAP) was developed by benchmarking against recommendations from the Care Quality Commission(2) and used at strategic and governance meetings to engage key stakeholders and agree measureable actions.

Data were collated from audits, patient and staff surveys and website viewing clicks.

Results Over 900 staff have received bespoke training. Changes from pre- to post-implementation include: increased awareness of and staff-reported use of materials (respectively 20%/ 90%; 21%/ 75%), increased staff confidence in ACP (30%/ 75%), increased documented use of materials to support cardiopulmonary resuscitation discussions (6%/ 9%). 65% of staff who used materials stated patients/families found them helpful. Website5 clicks increased (520/572) and staff webpage (270/424). Data show increased access to resources and what we hope is a meaningful and sustainable improvement to ACP.

Conclusion(s) Our data suggests that our approach to embedding use of our ‘Let’s Talk’ materials improves staff and patient engagement with ACP. More work is needed to fully develop our Trust framework including a focus on staff and patient education.


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