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54 End of Life Care Parasol Service
  1. Glenda Morris,
  2. Philippa Bolton and
  3. Sarah Romano
  1. Swansea Bay University Health Board


Aim To develop an End of Life Service that provided direct clinical support and education to health professionals to improve End of Life Care within Swansea Bay University Health Board.

Method Project started with obtaining retrospective baseline information from four general wards in acute hospital. Retrospective data collection incorporated the five priorities of care. Pre project survey from ward based health professionals. Real time data collected over 12 weeks to compare to baseline.

Analysis Collected data during a 12-week period identifying a need for direct clinical support and education to improve End of Life Care. Resource folders with core End of Life information provided to each ward. Contact details for staff to contact if advice or support required. Drop in sessions held on each ward for staff to promote awareness of All Wales Care Decision Guidance. Supported staff with recognising dying, clinical assessment, communication and administering of anticipatory medications. Staff survey repeated.

Results Over the 12-week period, the data showed:-

Recognising dying and documented effectively increased by 15% demonstrating timelier acknowledgement of when someone was dying.

Documented evidence of communication to those important to the patient increased by 18%.

Use of All Wales Care Decision Guidance to guide and support care in the last days of life increased by 34%.

Conclusion End of Life Care identified as a Quality Priority for the Health Board. Action plan developed by steering group of health professionals from diverse clinical areas. Development of End of Life Care Parasol Service with X2 full time band 7 CNS and X1 full time Health Care Support Worker band 4. Implementation of End of Life Champion programme. Development of End of Life Care Parasol framework, the PARASOL framework was developed and underpins the five priorities of care and is an underlying framework for a Champion programme and service.

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