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39 Did you know you could give the gift of eyesight? An audit of corneal donation discussion at a palliative care hospice
  1. Summer Chan and
  2. Simon Glover
  1. Sue Ryder St John’s Hospice


Background Currently in the United Kingdom there is a shortage of 500 corneal donors per year with a waiting list of 2 years. To address this, Sue Ryder St John’s Hospice actively encourages all of its doctors to discuss with patients their views on corneal donation.

Aim The aim of the audit was to assess if all new inpatient admissions to the hospice were considered eligible for a discussion about corneal donation. A standard was also set for these discussions to occur within 72 hours of admission.

Method A review of electronic patient records for all admissions between January 1st 2022 to March 31st 2022.

Results There were 34 admissions to the hospice in this time. All admissions were considered for corneal donation discussion. Discussions were had with 79.4% (27/34) patients, all within the target time frame of 72 hours. Those not had were due to reasons such as confusion or rapid deterioration. Out of the discussions that occurred, 96.3% (26/27) of them were held by GP trainees. As a result of this developing trend, a concurrent survey was sent to all the GP trainees in February to indicate their confidence levels in this topic. Of the responses, 100% (4/4) of trainees had never had such discussions before with only 50% (2/4) of them having heard about corneal donations prior to their palliative care placement. The change implemented was the creation of an informational leaflet about corneal donation which was distributed in March. This educational resource was also incorporated into the induction pack for future trainees. The leaflet was well received and data continued to be promising.

Conclusion This local hospice demonstrated a high rate of discussions about corneal donation. Fostering an awareness among all staff, like the GP trainees, was key to promoting this.

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