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28 New openings: Evaluating a new FY3 Education Fellow post in a hospital supportive and palliative care team
  1. FA Malik,
  2. D Barclay,
  3. J Winter and
  4. I Kilonzo
  1. East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT)


Background Two new Education Fellow (EF)/FY3 posts were created within an acute hospital SPCT setting. The posts covered 40–50% WTE in SPC and the remainder was spent in medical education. The role was evaluated after six months to understand impact on team and improve the post for future.

Methods Multiple methods utilised:

1. Measurement of service activity- total, joint and solo EF consultations (Nov 21-May 22) from Somerset database of SPCT contacts

2. Online anonymised semi-structured survey to whole SPCT. Items covered expectations, positives & challenges of the role.

3. Feedback from post-holders: Face-to-face discussion with Nurse team lead (not direct line manager) about experience and hopes -results anonymised.

Results 1. Total EF consults = 404 (on own= 64.4%, with CNS/other HCP= 27.7%, with Consultant= 7.9%). EF involved in 8% (404/4553) of total consults within SPC team.

2. Survey Response rate 14/17 (82%). Most common expectation was support for CNS skills (cited 14 times), assessing/examining patients, service delivery and education & training (all cited 13 times). Role added with ‘meeting service delivery’ (8 citations), providing medical support (5), increasing CNS skills/knowledge (4) and training junior doctors (4).

Most commonly cited challenges were Unclear about working patterns (when combined with education role) (4), less experience of SPC (cited 4 times), needing support from CNS team. Most of SPCT found role helpful/partially helpful (13/14), 1 found neither helpful/nor unhelpful.

3. Role Feedback: Felt supported by the SPC team although advisory role needed adapting to, expectations that had more SPC experience. Highlighted the balance between education role and linking with SPC education, and patient clinical continuity when splitting SPC/education time.

Conclusions The EF role is a valuable addition to SPCT in an acute hospital setting. Further support with role expectations, SPC knowledge and continuity needed to sustain future posts.

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