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14 Strengthening the local interprofessional lunchtime palliative care teaching programme and providing a safe space for learning together
  1. Anneka Burge,
  2. Sabrina Vitello and
  3. Armita Jamali
  1. Royal Marsden Hospital


Background Local departmental teaching programmes provide opportunities for learning and developing teaching skills. Our hospital multi-professional palliative care team’s (PCT) teaching programme consisted of two lunchtime sessions a week: knowledge-based sessions delivered by a PCT doctor or external speaker, and ‘journal club’ delivered by a PCT member. Often sessions were cancelled due to lack of speaker availability, or by the timetabled PCT presenter. Informal conversations with colleagues within the PCT revealed apprehension about delivering sessions due to their formal format or lack of time to prepare. The aim was to redesign the programme to provide a safer space not only for learning, but for teaching and reflecting.

Methods We redesigned the teaching format and proposed different teaching styles. There were five different session types: Knowledge-based delivered internally, Knowledge-based delivered by an external speaker, Reflective Cases, Journal Club, and Private Study.

We proposed sessions could be delivered in pairs, with no powerpoint expectation and with the aim of generating group discussion. We emailed the PCT and spoke through the programme virtually explaining the above. We piloted the new format from May 2022 to October 2022 and evaluated this using an online survey.

Results 9 colleagues responded; 100% preferred the current format, the majority had attended most of the different session types and every person found each session type ‘very useful’ or ’quite useful’. There was a mixed response regarding which session type colleagues wanted more or less of. 100% felt comfortable delivering a session. Free text comments confirmed the informal teaching increased enthusiasm to teach and many expressed particular enthusiasm for the structured space to reflect, and private study.

Conclusion The redesign of the teaching programme has created new learning methods for the team, more opportunities to share experiences and learn from, with and about each other, whilst developing teaching skills.

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