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P-219 Beyond our walls – Our volunteers’ true impact
  1. Ginny Toubal and
  2. Diamond Naraviene
  1. St Raphael’s Hospice, Cheam, UK


The true impact of our fully integrated diverse volunteer cohort, embedded over the 35 years since St. Raphael’s Hospice opened for our first patient in 1987, reaches far beyond the yearly financial contribution recorded 2021/2022 as £455,000. Our volunteer teams are vital to our vision to be a beacon of excellence, summarised as being all about EVE; Excellence Visibility and Engagement.

Excellence The pursuit of excellence in everything we do - whether it be clinical care, high street presence, or working as a cohesive team.

Visibility Being visible throughout our community much like a lighthouse; being there when we are needed.

Engagement Offering opportunities of engagement - proactively connecting and growing our volunteer teams to help deliver exceptional palliative and end of life care to our patients and carers.

  • Over the last year our retail volunteers sorted 288,600 bags of donations, saving approximately 1,154 tonnes of landfill.

  • Throughout the past three years our reception team welcomed and helped 54,000 visitors either in person or over the telephone equating to two and a half times the capacity of The O2 arena.

  • Over the last three years our hospice neighbours gave 2,050 hours providing companionship and support to our community patients, resulting in 150 fewer people feeling lonely.

  • Over the past three years our gardening team gave 3,000 hours and planted 25,000 bulbs, creating a high impact welcoming environment for our patients, visitors, staff and volunteers.

Our volunteers are our most effective ambassadors, raising our profile and awareness of hospice care; often having been touched by St. Raphael’s themselves they can identify with the challenges our patients face. They are the bridge between our hospice and our community beyond these walls. Currently over 450 volunteers actively support 186 employed staff. Together this workforce aims to fulfil our vision to ensure our services will remain for decades to come.

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