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P-147 Integration of the rehabilitative palliative care model into holistic treatment – an audit of practice at St Ann’s Hospice
  1. Georgina Bond,
  2. Caitriona MacDermott,
  3. Samantha Kay and
  4. Alison Phippen
  1. St Ann’s Hospice, Manchester, UK


Background Since its publication in 2015, ‘Rehabilitative palliative care, enabling people to live fully until they die: a challenge for the 21st century’ (Tiberini & Richardson) has set the standard for ensuring palliative care is patient-centred by requiring medical teams to ask patients about their treatment goals. The team at St Ann’s Hospice have incorporated this paper’s goal setting approach on the in-patient unit.

Aims To discern how goals have been assessed and recorded for the current patients at St Ann’s Hospice during their stay.

Methods This was a retrospective audit. The subjects included for this audit were all the in-patients on Friday the 8th of April, 2022. On that day there were 17 patients on the ward and no admissions.

Outcomes measured Whether the patients’ goals were included on that day’s handover, whether they were discussed at the morning handover meeting, whether they were recorded on Egton Medical Information Systems (EMIS) (and when they had been updated) and whether they were on display on the patients’ bedside ‘One Thing’ posters.

Results Of the 17 patients that were in the in-patient unit:

  • 16 had goals listed on the handover.

  • 15 had goals listed on EMIS.

  • 2 had their goals discussed at the handover meeting.

  • 0 had their goals at their bedside.

Conclusions The results of this audit demonstrate that patient goals are being championed at St Ann’s hospice. Rehabilitative palliative care is a priority shared by all members of the patient care team. However, to ensure that these goals are utilised efficiently to improve the patients’ experience, more support may be needed for staff to aid with goal setting and documentation.

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