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P-145 The Mountbatten Rehab trifle recipe
  1. Mary Banks
  1. Mountbatten Hospice Group, Newport, UK


Background and aims Rehabilitation is an essential component of Mountbatten’s strategy to support anyone living with a life-limiting condition to live well until they die. As a small team of palliative rehabilitation clinicians, providing a high-quality service that is so in demand to so many could seem unachievable and overwhelming. Creative and innovative ways of working are essential to extend reach and utilise specialist skills appropriately.

Method and results We present the recipe for our approach; the Mountbatten Rehab Trifle:

First, you need a firm base. This requires a range of open access opportunities, available to any member of the community. A selection of engaging activities run by volunteers. A dollop of educational sessions for all to attend. Complemented by a public access hospice webpage with a host of rehabilitation resources.

For the next layer, you will need a generous helping of activities and educational programmes targeted at specific groups and accessed via referral. There are a range of ingredients available, but we recommend gym-based groups led by trained rehabilitation volunteers, clinician-led group education sessions, and activities tailored towards specific conditions, such as a reminiscence group for people living with dementia.

The cream is a topping of more specialist rehabilitation interventions by qualified clinicians provided in small groups or individually. Whip together expert initial assessments, clinician-led treatment sessions, specialist referrals, liaison with other professionals, future planning and supportive conversations for those with complex needs.

Finish off with a sprinkle of highly specialist and specific interventions. Scatterings of non-pharmacological pain management, respiratory care, trials of specialist equipment and intensive rehabilitation courses delivered by the specialist palliative rehabilitation team.

Conclusion All layers should be infused with an essence of enablement and empowerment. If executed correctly, this recipe should achieve a layered rehabilitation offer that is appealing, far reaching and ensures premium ingredients are used sparingly without affecting quality.

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