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P-50 Did we make a difference? If yes, how so? If not, why not?
  1. Jane Berg,
  2. Fran Bettesworth,
  3. Konstantina Chatziargyriou,
  4. Vanessa Hill and
  5. Nigel Seymour
  1. Princess Alice Hospice, Esher, UK


Background Hospices seek to improve end-of-life care by providing a number of different services to patients, their families and the wider community. However, few hospices appear to openly challenge themselves by asking - Did we make a difference? If yes, how so? If not, why not? (New Philanthropy Capital, 2020). An Impact Framework is a measurement framework by which an organisation can assess and demonstrate how successfully they are influencing change and achieve more for the people they serve.

Aim The aim of this project was to devise an Impact Framework (NHS England. 2020) which would allow three key departments (Clinical, Community Engagement and Education & Research) to demonstrate the impact of our service in a way which is meaningful to different audiences.

Methods Leads of three key departments and a marketing and communication specialist formed an Action Learning Group to support each other in devising three parallel and complementary ways to demonstrate their impact. They did this by:

  • Sharing data.

  • Identifying gaps.

  • Identifying challenges in data collection.

  • Devising innovative ways to capture data.

  • Planning where and when data would be reviewed and analysed.

  • Identifying how, when and to whom learning would be communicated.

Results We recognised that the three teams have different audiences and therefore different, but complementary parts to play in the organisational Impact Framework. The plans have been piloted and refined and the organisational Impact Framework is embedded in our governance processes. However, the Impact Framework is dynamic and the group will continue to meet, it is anticipated that the Impact Framework will continually evolve.

Conclusions The process of devising an Impact Framework has allowed the hospice to be more transparent in demonstrating the impact of our work. It has supported and enhanced our governance and quality improvement work and allowed us to articulate this in new ways.

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