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P-44 Transforming care for young adults with complex and life-limiting conditions
  1. Carrie James,
  2. Angela Horsley and
  3. Susanna Shouls
  1. Hospice UK, London, UK


Background More young people with complex life-limiting conditions are living into adulthood, generating greater demand for appropriate care (Fraser, Gibson-Smith, Jarvis, et al., 2021. Palliat Med. 35:1641). We implemented Project ECHO (Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes) to improve young people’s palliative care, Sept 2019 - Dec 2022.

Aim(s) Evaluate Project ECHO and associated National Transition Community of Practice (CoP) as a mechanism to transform palliative care for young people.

Methods Following expressions of interest, three ECHO Hubs were trained and a CoP established (year 1). Our appointed Evaluation Partner is analysing qualitative and quantitative evidence (obtained throughout) applying a logic model.

Results Work in progress; findings demonstrate enhanced knowledge, confidence and peer support. Key metrics:

  • ECHO Immersion Training x3 Hubs (Dec 2019).

  • 10 ECHO sessions per year x3.

  • Quarterly Transition (Professional) meetings: ‘Really helpful, a wealth of experience and enthusiasm…’

  • 141 CoP subscribers (March 2022).

Conclusions Children and young people’s needs are diverse, complex and require a higher profile (NHS. The NHS long term plan. 2019). Initial findings reveal a positive contribution to learning and improved outcomes reflecting NICE Guidance (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. [NG43], 2017; National Institute for Health and Care Excellence [NG213], 2022; National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. [NG61], 2019). Our Transition project addresses gaps in knowledge across the UK.

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