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O-22 Developing an open access toolkit to support the implementation of journal clubs in hospices
  1. Tom Steele,
  2. Sarah Stanley and
  3. Amara Callistus Nwosu
  1. Marie Curie Hospice, Liverpool, UK


Background Research is essential to improving outcomes for patients with life-threatening illness and it is vital that hospices are at the centre of this (Payne, Preston, Turner et al, 2013). Journal clubs have been identified as a way of sharing evidence amongst hospice teams, developing staff research skills and contributing to hospice research culture but they are not widespread in hospices, with barriers often encountered in their development and sustainability (Turner & Payne, 2019. Eur J Palliat Care. 19:34).

Aims This project aims to develop a toolkit to support hospices in establishing and sustaining multidisciplinary journal clubs.

Methods At Marie Curie Hospice, Liverpool, a new model of journal club was implemented in January 2019 with a focus on promoting reflection of the relevance of research to clinical practice (Steele, Stanley & Nwosu, 2019. BMJ Support Palliat Care. 9:A50). Attendance, and contributions to presenting, come from across the multidisciplinary team and palliative care service sites in the locality. A toolkit to allow this to be replicated was developed by the research team, informed by participant feedback and the successes and challenges of setting up the journal club from scratch then surviving, growing and thriving in a semi-virtual model despite the COVID-19 pandemic (Stanley, Nwosu & Finney, 2021. BMJ Support Palliat Care. 11:A4).

Results The toolkit consists of a practical guide to both setting up and running the journal club, with flexibility to be individualised to diverse hospices across the UK. In addition, it includes resources such as presenter templates and certificates. The toolkit is being piloted in two palliative care centres so that facilitators and barriers to its use can be identified.

Conclusions This work will lead to the development of a freely available toolkit that any hospice can use to support their implementation of a journal club, thus promoting a research culture and evidence-based practice.

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