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P-122 The effectiveness of bowen technique for symptom management in cancer and palliative care patients
  1. Paul Dunn,
  2. Fernando Cabo and
  3. Neil Browne
  1. Barts Health NHS Trust


Introduction The study investigated the effectiveness of Bowen Technique Therapy (BTT), as taught by Bowtech UK and by therapists registered to Bowen Association UK, in relation to the management of health and wellbeing concerns of cancer and palliative care patients in an NHS out-patient clinic.

Method Patients are referred to the Complementary Therapies Service for symptom management, particularly stress and anxiety, but also other symptoms such as nausea, insomnia, joint aches and neuropathy. Data was collected using the Measure Yourself Concerns and Wellbeing (MYCaW) questionnaire, which was designed for evaluating supportive care interventions. Different symptoms are registered on the MYCaW questionnaire as Concern 1 and Concern 2, with an overall qualitative assessment of general Well Being.

Results Mean changes in post-intervention MYCaW scores were reported as p<0.001 for each Concern and Well Being, which indicates that the Bowen Technique made a probable improvement in both presenting symptoms and perceptions of wellbeing. Based on a significance level of 0.05, both the Wilcoxon signed-ranks test and the two-tailed t-test indicated that post-treatment ranks and means were statistically above pre-treatment ranks and means in the categories.

Conclusion Neuropathy and pain concerns were greatly improved and cases of anxiety and stress management among symptoms were also beneficially affected. There was little difference between male and female patient outcomes and no statistical significance.

Wellbeing scores also improved, on average, by 1.3 points on the Likert scale. Patients stated that ‘being listened to’ and ‘being heard’ were important factors when describing how Bowen Technique Therapy had helped. We suggest that a study using larger numbers is necessary in order to provide more robust evidence in relation to these emerging trends.

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