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P-117 Evaluating the role of advanced nurse practitioner (ANP), in a hospice inpatient-unit (IPU) setting, as part of the medical team
  1. Sarah Courtney,
  2. Pippa Russell and
  3. Emma Tempest
  1. St Helena Hospice


Introduction In 2020 the pandemic hit, and by June the Junior doctors were re-deployed to the acute hospital. We had already been developing an ANP role within the nursing team, but this encouraged bolder changes.

Two ANP posts were created within the Medical Team, line managed by the Medical Director. They are Non-Medical Prescribers, who conduct patient history taking and assessment, also supporting with the wider activities of the Medical team. Whilst the ANP’s and their line manager feel this is a role that positively contributes to patient care, supports Junior nurses and doctors, and allows career development, they wanted to know if the wider multidisciplinary team agreed.

Aims A service evaluation was conducted to gather staff opinions, in order to evidence the value of the role and review suggestions for improvement.

Method All clinical staff on the IPU, were given the opportunity to complete an anonymous questionnaire between 5th July- 5th August 2021. Participants responded to 11 statements using a Likert scale, with an option to comment.

Results The results were overwhelmingly positive for all 11 statements. Over 60% strongly agreed with all statements. Responses of ‘undecided’ or ‘disagree’ weren’t given context with comments.

Positive comments were related to:

The shift pattern of the role, covering long days and weekends

Support for Junior doctors

A bridge between the nursing and medical teams

Role modelling

A positive career goal

Improving patient experience, safety, continuity and communication

Conclusion The role of the ANP in hospices is a developing field, but in the context of changes to the workforce, we think they have a valuable role to play at the centre of the hospice Medical Team. Having previously considered options such as nurse-led end of life beds, we believe this underestimates their value in contributing to care of all hospice IPU patients.

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