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47 Mouth care matters project echo
  1. Melanie Jane Nugent1,
  2. Annette Brooke1,
  3. Suzanne Monks2 and
  4. Nicola George1
  1. 1Marie Curie
  2. 2University of Leeds


Introduction Mouth care is an important aspect of care. There is concern however, it has low priority in health care. For those patients at end of life it is a vital component to provide dignified, person-centred care. The aim is to prevent oral complications, maintain oral function, promoting comfort and enhancing quality of life

Aims Increase knowledge, skills and improve attitudes and confidence around mouth care for carers and health care/support workers

  • Empower learners to provide education and evidence–based information to relatives of patients

  • Explore real–life case studies to reflect on challenges of mouth care in palliative and end of life care

  • By enhancing knowledge, skills and attitudes it will improve quality of mouth care provided at end of life

Method Promotional leaflet with curriculum set up date sent to targeted areas via Specialists and experts including a link to Marie Curie`s Mouth Care Matters network web page Marie Curie UK Project ECHO.

Results Registered Members = 63

Average Number of staff attending sessions = 22

Themed feedback includes:

  • Increased knowledge and skills

  • Informative and interactive

  • Tips/knowledge from experts and attendees

  • Increased confidence

Conclusion Case studies brought by learners has empowered them to reflect on practice in a timely manner and enhance care provided for patients and their significant others. Evaluation shows this project has been meaningful for staff that have attended. Virtual access to structured knowledge sharing has improved self-reported confidence following sessions, however learners have highlighted they are anxious and reluctant to share their increased knowledge and confidence with qualified staff. There has been further interest in this educational format and subject area for qualified health care professionals.

Impact Increased knowledge, skills, confidence, and awareness of oral care for healthcare support staff. Impact to patients/residents and those important to them when managing oral care challenges in palliative and end of life care.

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