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24 Coronavirus information hub for people affected by terminal illness
  1. A Matthews,
  2. D Williams,
  3. B Harris and
  4. M Williams
  1. Marie Curie


Introduction During the coronavirus pandemic, people affected by terminal illness had many questions, including what restrictions there were for visiting someone who was dying and who can attend a funeral.

Aims Create an online information hub for people affected by terminal illness throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Answer people’s questions and help them feel informed, reassured and supported.

Keep the information up-to-date, accurate and relevant for our audience.

Method Streamline our content development process so that we could respond quickly to our audience’s needs.

Use website analytics and a feedback survey to assess the impact of the content and look at improvements we could make.

Results We created 26 pages covering a range of coronavirus-specific content.

We had 697,687 website users of this content between 1 March 2020 and 31 October 2021.

We had 176 survey responses. They told us that we offered the right information, helped them make better decisions and supported them emotionally.

Examples of responses:

‘It’s the first and maybe only place I found honest feedback to my questions about how to talk to, treat, watch out for a loved one who I believe is dying who I may not be able to be with.’

‘Just knowing that some people are out there with empathy for the situation, who are not afraid to answer what they can.’

‘It explained everything very clearly and in one place – I’ve been searching the internet for these answers to no avail.’

Conclusion Marie Curie supported people affected by terminal illness during the coronavirus pandemic by providing useful online information.

Impact People affected by terminal illness were better informed about coronavirus rules – this helped them to make decisions. They also felt reassured and emotionally supported by our information.

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