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P-220 Never a dull moment!
  1. Dee Curless
  1. Mountbatten Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight, UK


Introduction As Mountbatten grew and expanded its locality, I was asked to consider working with hospital colleagues across two hospitals- one a District General Hospital and the other a University Trust - to build on existing relationships whilst forging new ones. This was a daunting prospect, considering myself a community nurse for the last 24 years! I also returned as a Clinical Teaching Fellow to University, delivering palliative and end-of-life care education to pre- and post- registration students.

Aim To build and grow new and existing relationships, sharing and developing nursing practice.

Method Working clinically with acute teams to augment patient care and deliver Enhanced Supportive Care clinics in a University Trust in parallel with a Medical Consultant to effectively double the clinic capacity. Also, delivering education and training around palliative care initiatives to both staff and students.

Outcomes The diversity of environments has taken me from practice in the community working with patients and families one day, such as supporting a couple to renew their wedding vows after many years together, knowing that time is short, to delivering care in an acute setting such as ICU the next day where a patient and family need support in symptom management and psychological care to enable weaning from ventilation and a comfortable death.

Conclusion This new and unique role has reinforced the value of Consultant nursing practice at a clinical level, influencing and shaping nursing care in a live way. The transferable skills held have enabled dynamic nursing that could be seen as a blueprint for promoting a workforce development that is more resilient for the future, valuing the differing perspectives of nursing practice in both primary and secondary care.

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