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P-205 Culture engagement survey
  1. Diane Jenner
  1. Heart of Kent Hospice, Aylesford, UK


Background In 2019 the hospice launched our Culture Framework which gave us one shared common definition of our culture. Our purpose and values were translated into a mind-set and four behaviours. The annual colleague survey was developed to provide insight into how colleagues experience this culture in their work, enabling us to track whether the culture was being seen and felt in action. The survey aims to:

  • Establish a snapshot of the culture framework in action.

  • Assess levels of engagement, perspective on the current culture, inform strategy and identify priorities.

  • Better understand enablers and barriers to completion.

  • Track our journey to date.

Methods Using an online survey to gather quantitative and qualitative data, which focused on how colleagues experienced the four behaviours of ‘I care’, ‘I learn’, ‘I own’ and ‘I improve’ in action. The response rate was a tool to assess the level of engagement with the culture framework.

Results The results demonstrated a high level of engagement with the response rate improving from 62% in 2018 to 85% in 2020. The results provided insight into how colleagues experience their work, and measured how well we are living the defined purpose, values, mind-set and behaviours. It enabled us to understand how important the culture is for creating a great place to work.

Conclusions The survey is an important platform to listen, understand, improve, and encourage further dialogue. If we are fully engaged in our work, we can provide even better care to our patients, their families and the communities we serve. Colleagues believe in the importance of the culture framework and are committed to living it to provide an outstanding service.

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