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P-191 Caring for our people, a programme for restorative supervision
  1. Jennifer Latchford,
  2. Julie Hallatt and
  3. Abigail Davison
  1. St Leonard’s Hospice, York, UK


A programme of Restorative Supervision was introduced in May 2021 in response to the pressures observed on staff working in a hospice setting during a pandemic. Restorative Supervision aimed to bridge the gap between the existing staff support framework and provision for staff welfare. The aim was to maintain and restore collective wellbeing from the roots up by supporting the individual. The offer was directed to all patient-facing staff.

We researched different models including ‘The Restorative Resilience Model of Supervision’ developed by Dr Sonia Wallbank. The family support team including our spiritual care lead, bereavement lead and social workers were then trained to deliver the programme.

One of the staff groups experiencing significant stress during the pandemic were the Housekeeping Team. Their workload had increased significantly as they worked with the increasing pressure to maintain the safety of everyone else in the building. This put them under great physical and emotional stress. We identified housekeeping as our pilot group and began the roll out. We discussed the aim of the programme with the Head of the Department and ensured everyone was given a protected hour to attend a restorative session. We explained that the aim was to enable staff to protect their capacity to think and care for themselves and others.

In order to measure the quality and outcomes of the sessions we used two forms; a wellbeing questionnaire and a feedback form. The evidence so far suggests that staff welcomed the opportunity to talk in confidence and have felt ‘listened to’ in a safe and confidential space. We are now moving to the inpatient unit staff including nursing and care teams and will continue to collect evidence.

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