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P-167 Education and transcribing
  1. Katie White and
  2. Mandy Saddington
  1. Havens Hospices, Essex, UK


Background Transcribing is an important component of medicines management in the hospice, but there are differences in approaches across hospice sites. We were aware that our policies and training could benefit from development to ensure consistency of practice.


  • To redesign and improve the transcribing process for transcribers within the hospice.

  • To prevent and lessen medication errors.

  • To re-write the transcribing policy.

  • Offer education in the means of a 2.5-hour Transcribing Workshop for all transcribers, followed up with competencies to complete. Empowering the same process across the hospice settings.

  • Start to measure the outcomes by auditing Medication Administration Charts (MAR).

  • Offer support to transcribers.

Methods As an organisation a new policy was created on transcribing, alongside competencies. Our organisation’s Practice Facilitator developed a transcribing workshop, which incorporated the competencies to be completed upon completion of the workshop. The competencies incorporated supervised practices. Following competence audits are carried out on the MAR. Medications errors are discussed at the Clinical Quality Group.

Results Transcribing workshop with a clear process has been attended by all current transcribers. Competencies are currently underway. Some transcribers required additional support. Audits of MAR are currently ongoing.

Conclusion The redesign of transcribing education has been received by all existing transcribers and the feedback is that confidence has increased, and the standard of transcribing has significantly improved. Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we have had some challenging times with a decreased amount of patient flow within our paediatric settings, which has limited the amount of transcribing required. Taking this into account and that the educational change is rather new, we need to wait to see if the changes we have made have made a difference to the transcribing medication errors. MAR audits will continue to remain for the foreseeable future.

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