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P-159 Implementing organisational change: a hospice site move
  1. Joanne Kinloch1,
  2. Michael Grant1 and
  3. Anne Hattie2
  1. 1The University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
  2. 2The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice, Glasgow, UK


Background An organisational site move can prove challenging to instigate, navigate, motivate and successfully implement (Kotter, 2012; Slosberg, Nejati, Evans, Nanda, 2018). The development of a change management strategy can aid in the success of such endeavours (Slosberg, Nejati, Evans, Nanda, 2018; Periyakoil, 2009). These strategies are often complex, requiring consideration over psychological and structural factors at individual and organisational levels (Holt, Helfrich, Hall, et al., 2010).

Aims To document and interrogate the preparation, execution and outcomes of a change management strategy supporting the transition from an existing site to a new purpose-built hospice facility. To provide and validate a framework for the successful implementation of future transitional projects.

Methods A case study was conducted on a hospice organisational site move. Following an initial literature review, review of project documentation, and site surveys, staff members contributed to the completion of individual interviews and focus group sessions. Transcripts were subjected to thematic analysis in order to identify and code themes and outcomes for comparison to existing data on best practice

Results 49 members of staff across Inpatient, Day and Outpatients Services, Family Support Services, Front of House, Facilities, Management and Administration contributed to the data capture. These data were then cross-referenced to existing change management models. Evidencing that the hospice strategy could be validated against existing theory and supported by the documented outcomes. Ultimately, the change management process was positively received and contributed towards a successful transition.

Conclusion This hospice organisation demonstrated the importance of a holistic strategy for change management. It resulted in the identification and evaluation of the implementation strategy utilised by the hospice organisation, highlighting areas of consideration to guide future projects.

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