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P-146 Our quality improvement journey at hospice isle of man: small changes need small steps
  1. Tracy Broom,
  2. David Waters,
  3. Cheryl Young,
  4. Ben Harris and
  5. Anne Mills
  1. Hospice Isle of Man, Douglas, Isle of Man


Background In June 2021, the hospice began delivering our first ever Quality Improvement (QI) Programme. We had observed an environment that was innovative in research and could be innovative in QI. We all ‘improved quality’ but did we use QI as a framework for that improvement?

Aims Our shared vision was to integrate QI into the normal working day, within a culture of continuous improvement (National Advisory Group on the Safety of Patients in England, 2013). We have now launched our QI journey with our first sequential and small steps; a QI Programme and QI Champions.

Methods The programme was delivered over four days to clinical and non-clinical staff; motivated and energetic people from every department in Hospice. We delivered QI technical skills (Institute for Healthcare Improvement. How to improve [The Model for Improvement]) blending theory and practice, whilst also focusing on wider topics which support QI landing successfully in the day job. This included improvement leadership (Øvretveit, 2009), human factors (National Quality Board, 2013) and team work (Montgomery, Parkin, Chisholm, et al., 2020). These specific topics were chosen by the participants, so the programme was bespoke to their learning needs and overall the programme was designed to be a fun and interactive environment.

Results We commenced evaluation with a pre-course self-assessment of QI knowledge, skills and confidence. This was repeated at the end of each facilitated day and will be concluded by a post-course self-assessment. The first cohort completes in September 2021 and we will have the programme evaluation completed the same month.

Conclusions We anticipate participants will have improved QI knowledge, skills and confidence which will enable them to actively use QI in their normal working day and will also transition to become QI Champions. The QI Champion is a new role being designed to support other staff, encourage momentum and be a key part of building a network of QI Champions. We would like to share our story so far and future system plans. Sharing, learning, improving.

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