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121 Effect of hope-based program on the hope of people with palliative needs: a RCT pilot study in Portugal
  1. Ana Isabel Querido and
  2. Carlos Antonio Laranjeira
  1. School of Health Sciences – Polytechnic of Leiria and cTecCare – Center for Innovative Care and Health Technology, Leiria, Portugal


Background Some studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of interventions in the levels of hope, however the relationship between these interventions and the results is still limited. The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of a hope-based program in nursing on Portuguese adult outpatients with advanced and progressive chronic illness.

Methods A single-blind RCT was conducted to test the hypothesis that outpatients in the intervention group, who participated in the Hope Promotion Program (HPP), have higher levels of hope than those who did not participate in the program. Participants were recruited from Day Hospitals of two medical institutions. Following the individuals’ agreement to participate, they were thoroughly screened for eligibility by the main researcher. Inclusion criteria: (1) adults diagnosed with advanced and progressive chronic disease; (2) accompanied by a health care team; and (3) ability to speak and comprehend Portuguese. Hope is measured by the Portuguese version of Herth Hope Index for chronic conditions. The time frames for assessment were at baseline (T1), follow-up (T2 15 days after) and post-test (T3 30 days after).

Results A total of 56 patients were enrolled in the study. They were randomized assigned to either the intervention group [IG] (n=28) or to control group [CG] (n=28). Over time the hope indexes in the IG compared to the CG, suggest a positive effect of HPP in the increase of hope over time. The most expressive effect was observed in the total hope level and in the gains in positive interior disposition and expectations, with significant differences in each of the data collection points in time.

Conclusions Further research should create training programs for nurses and nursing students within the scope of the promotion of hope, in order to promote the development of personal and professional skills.

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