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2 Caregiver burden and health status perception of family caregivers of patients receiving palliative care at home
  1. MS Giménez Campos,
  2. Villaverde P Flors,
  3. Melchor E Soriano,
  4. Mulió A Bahamontes,
  5. Martinez B Valdivieso and
  6. Martin MP Barreto
  1. Hospital Universitari i Politècnic La Fe de Valencia (Spain), Facultad de Psicologi­a de la Universidad de Valencia (Spain)


Introduction The aim of this study was to explore the repercussions associated with caregiving of patients who receive palliative care at home due to an oncological disease through the assessment of the health status self-perception in the last year, the presence of anxiety and depressive symptoms and the assessment of caregiving burden.

Method Design: Descriptive, cross-sectional study. Sample: family caregivers of patients with oncological disease who are under the follow-up of a home palliative care program hospital-based. Period: July 2015 and December 2016. Analysis: descriptive statistics. Questionnaires: Goldberg anxiety and depression scale; Zarit Caregiver Overload Scale in reduced version

Results 80 family caregivers were included in the study. 56 (70%) were women and 24 (30%) men, with a mean age of 61.75 years (SD=12.98). 52.5% of the family caregivers assessed negatively affect their health status in the last year (regular, bad or very bad) while 47.5% valued it positively (good or very good). 48 caregivers presented symptoms of possible anxiety diagnosis, and 36 caregivers symptoms of possible diagnosis of depression.

The risk of claudication due to caregiver’s burden was assessed in 57 caregivers. The average score was 14.95 on the Zarit Scale (short version). 16 caregivers (20%) presented claudication risk criteria. The results showed a significant positive association between age (r=0.316; p=0.008), anxiety symptoms (r=0.333; p=0.005), care overload (r=0.277; p=0.037) and the worst health status perception.

Conclusion In the sample studied, the family members who take care presented a worse perception of their health status, higher levels of anxiety and a greater perception of care overload.

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