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181 Implementing patient centred goals into a breathlessness symptom management clinic
  1. Camilla Barrow and
  2. Ruth Roberts
  1. Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice


Introduction Space to breathe is a 5 week programme, with a rehabilitative focus, launched in January 2019 and designed through a Breathlessness steering group. A literature review recommended the use of the Goal Attainment Score (GAS) (Brighton 2018) and this was included into holistic measures of the breathlessness service. GAS light was chosen to reduce user burden and form part of the assessment of the service, complementing the rest of the Outcome Assessment Complexity Collaborative (OACC) suite and Chronic respiratory Questionnaire (CRQ) and Medical Research Council score of breathlessness (MRC) scores improved.

Method The programme is based on the Cambridge Breathing Thinking Functioning approach (Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 2019) and with a focus on mastery of symptoms of breathlessness. Sessions include taught educational sessions followed by group discussions and exercise. Participants were supported by carers and clinicians to set patient identified SMART goals. GAS light was undertaken in week 1 and 5 of a 5 week breathlessness programme.

Results A Total of 55 patients attended 161 session out of a potential 275, resulting in combined total of 44 separate goals been set using the GAS Light template.

All goals were reviewed and were categorized from 3 options namely, ‘a little better’; ‘same’ or ‘worse’. 30 Goals were achieved with patients identifying them as ‘a little better’. 15 goals were not achieved of those 11 remained the ‘same’ and 4 had got ‘worse’.

23 patients did not set or complete goal setting activity due to not completing the course, declining to participate in goal setting or not returning/recording data. This is reflective of both the attendance figures and the challenges of implementing a new outcome measure in a MDT.

Conclusions Following a 5 week breathlessness programme some participants achieved and partially achieved goals important to them. Further evaluation is required.

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