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Palliative care pathways for teenagers and young adults with cancer
  1. L C Stirling1,
  2. A K Anderson2,
  3. J Lewis3 and
  4. S Stoneham4
  1. 1Camden, UCLH and Islington ELiPSe Palliative Care Team, London, UK
  2. 2Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton, UK
  3. 3CLIC Sargent, Gately, UK
  4. 4University College Hospital, London, UK


Abstract In 2009, a Palliative Care subgroup of the teenagers and young adults with cancer (TYAC) service development group was formed and asked to develop best practice guidelines for the Palliative, End of Life (EoL) and Bereavement care for teenagers and young adults (TYA) with cancer.

Methods Relevant national guidelines from paediatric and adult palliative care, as well as clinical expertise from around the UK from both medical, nurse, social and education, were used to develop draft pathways to guide generic clinicians in the provision of care of a TYA with cancer, and his/her loved ones, from the time that it is recognised that his/her malignancy is incurable, through to care in early bereavement. The pathways were disseminated widely within the membership of TYAC for comments and suggestions as well as from parents and carers. Amendments were made in the light of the comments received.

Results Three pathways were developed that outline the range of interventions needed to provide optimal Palliative care, End of Life care and Bereavement care for TYA with cancer.

Conclusions These pathways will be disseminated and used as a gold standard to guide provision of service and audit care for this population.

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