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e- ELCA, from the beginning
  1. Sarah Owens
  1. Wigan and Leigh Hospice, Greater Manchester, UK


The purpose of the presentation is to highlight innovation in practice with regards how the end of life care for all e-learning programme was implemented and integrated within a hospice. Key concepts include the introduction of e- learning to the clinical staff as a way of learning. How then could this programme be integrated into the working day and how best to monitor the progress of that integration.

The issues were around availability of facilities, such as IT equipment. The varying levels of ability of the staff using the computers, and how those who were less confident could be supported. The ability of staff being released from clinical practice to complete sessions, and which of the sessions available were the most pertinent to each staff group.

Staff were introduced to the programme and its concepts. Extra IT equipment was ordered with two rooms being made into e-learning suites. While this was occuring i accessed the modules and mapped out which modules each staff group would be required to complete. This would ensure that staff completed modules which were most pertinent to their role. Each staff member was given their own folders and workbooks, with step by step guidance of how to negotiate the site. Managers allocated specific time away from the clinical environment and time was spent with staff who felt less confident with e-learning as a way of learning.

Staff continue to learn on a rolling programme, and some have completed all of the necessary modules. Staff report that they find this way of learning flexible and are able to utilise the knowledge back in practice. That they value the time away from clinical practice and the relevance of the topic areas to the delivery palliative and end of life care.

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