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Why carry a file or pick up a pen? All our records are paperless!
  1. Joanna Higgs and
  2. Carole Walford
  1. Weldmar Hospicecare, Dorset, UK


Our three services, inpatient, community and day care had separate notes and records for the same patients. We agreed to create a joint approach to assessment and an integrated record that could be viewed in real time at any site. Access over N3 enables us to interact with our GP practices, community hospitals and access records and imaging results in real time.

Aim In late 2006 we set the goal to be paperless within 3 years.


  • Discussion with Crosscare and many meetings to gain mutual understanding of possible problems in implementation

  • A pilot with the community team was started, for a year, to test the design

  • Roll out across our service to follow within the next 6 months

  • Close liaison and feedback on the project to Crosscare team enabled us to problem solve and keep to our timescale.


  • We are now paperless apart from electronic prescribing; this has taken slightly longer due to logistics

  • We are now exploring connections with other healthcare agencies and partners in care.


  • Advantage of staff being able to see a patient record in real time and review it

  • Uniform inputting by staff is quicker and more accurate

  • We expect to develop better partnerships through closer interaction with GP practices and other community hospitals

  • With access over N3 the expected norm is to easily see test results, imaging and consultants letters etc

  • The audit trail tracks all alterations and so covers us for legal issues.

Conclusion This work is imperative as the organisation looks to improve interdisciplinary communication and patient care. The organisation is currently reconfiguring and expanding to the North of Dorset. As such Crosscare will compliment the planned video conferencie facilities in North, Central and South Dorset.

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