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An innovative model for delivering end of life care education
  1. John Lansdell and
  2. Mary Mahoney
  1. St Catherine's Hospice, Crawley, England


Introduction The care of patients at the end of life and their families has had an increasing profile since the publication of the End of Life Care Strategy. A central aspect of the strategy is education to improve the delivery of care at the end of life. Studies have shown that inadequate education and training results in suboptimal care at the end of life. Moreover, there are increasing difficulties in releasing staff to attend educational events. Therefore, we need to provide a more adaptable and responsive approach to the delivery of end of life care education.

The model The End of Life Care Education and Training Model provides a flexible approach to supporting structured learning with an opportunity for reflective practice, enhancing professional development. Within this model we can tailor individual, departmental or organisational development plans that build competent practice to enhance end of life care. The model uses Bloom's taxonomy – a classification of the different levels of learning, advancing from basic levels of knowledge and application through to higher levels of analysis and evaluation – as the central building block for all professional development. Each aspect of the model provides a variety of options to support learning, for example: study days, seminars and courses considering different elements of a single topic; taking what has been learned and applying it to practical aspects of patient care; enabling staff to develop an outline of a skill set that supports competent practice.

Conclusion The intention of the model is to provide a framework for all healthcare practitioners working with people at the end of their lives to promote lifelong learning and therefore enhance patient care.

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