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Online education toolkit for members of National Association of Palliative Care Educators
  1. Bob Becker and
  2. Bridget Moss
  1. Severn Hospice, Shrewsbury, UK; St Helena Hospice, Colchester, UK


Aim To harness the vast range of knowledge, experience and skills implicit within the membership of NAPCE and publish on the website in an acceptable format so that a toolkit of education resources is created, available to NAPCE members only as a direct benefit for membership. The toolkit will be of interest to anyone working in palliative and end of life care. Teaching and learning is at the heart of many roles and colleagues would benefit from being able to access resources from other educators.


  • Support and disseminate good practice

  • Provide readily available and resources in a wide range of topical areas in a ‘one stop shop’.

  • Promote ideas for future development of education resources

  • All resources will be regularly updated and checked for accuracy and

  • copyright acknowledged where appropriate.


  • The structure of the toolkit and the core information will be published on the new NAPCE website in Spring 2011

  • NAPCE members requested to submit their resources electronically to a published email address

These are then reviewed for:

  • Content – Suitability for publication

  • Classification – what category the material goes into

  • Clarity – scanned documents, pictures and other material

  • Copyright – all authors are acknowledged appropriately.

Resources are then uploaded to the identified website sections in an agreed format.

Why do?

  • It fits with the constitution of NAPCE

  • And also with the End of Life Care Strategy, -promotion of quality education for health and social care professionals

  • No such resource exists either online or in hard copy

  • No other organisation has taken this on nor would they be in a position to do so

  • It promotes NAPCE's name and provides a tangible benefit for the membership

  • The details of the content and process, as well as the benefits would be expanded if submission successful.

Why do?

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