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Rainbow of ribbons (ROR)
  1. Ramsden Ramsden
  1. Overgate Hospice, Elland, West Yorkshire


Introduction ROR is a campaign which gives individuals a chance to dedicate a ribbon to someone who has added colour to their lives. The ribbon is then tied in the grounds of the Hospice with an open day for the public to view the ribbons.


  • To find a new income stream from an in-memory campaign.

  • Replace our Ray of Sunshine (ROS) balloon release event with something environmentally friendly

  • Encourage visitors to the Hospice

  • Organise an event with low staff time costs.

Methods All individuals that have made an in-memory donation in the last 3 years on our system are mailed, these people are invited to dedicate a ribbon to someone special. Once returned a ribbon is tied in the Hospice grounds, and name entered into the Ribbons book.

To gain extra publicity we ask a celebrity to tie the first ribbon to encourage supporters not known to the Hospice a chance to donate. ROR is aimed at in-memory donations but we stress that people can donate a ribbon to anyone who has added colour the their lives.


  • A significant income increase from the ROS event

  • Increased gift-aid on donations

  • More visitors to the Hospice

  • Less staff time on the day therefore less cost compared to ROS

  • Environmentally friendly

  • The dip in 2009 was from the introduction of our Midnight Walk which takes place in September by 2010 income increased again.


Conclusions ROR is a fantastic alternative to our original event and is on a par with Light Up A Life for an in-memory event. The event captures and inspires people's imaginations, there is a wealth of opportunities for community groups to get involved and therefore makes this event a fantastic income stream for any Hospice.

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