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Collaborative patient care model: comprehensive care coordination for geriatric population
  1. A Mohanty
  1. Kissito Healthcare, USA


Evolutionary changes in the health care delivery system and reimbursement of health care services in current healthcare scenario has dramatically changed the resource assessment and health care utilization. Not only that, it has also placed a greater emphasis on quality of services provided through different post acute care settings. Kissito Healthcare has designed and implemented a unique collaborative model named as Collaborative Patient Care (CPC) Model. Compared to standard care, CPC Model aims to address the organization's mission to deliver quality patient-centred care and demonstrate greater continuity of care, a shorter duration of stay and improved patient outcomes.

The CPC Model is based on four tenets: process, quality, cost and outcome with the patient considered as the centre for the tenets. Evidence-based best practices and medicine are embedded in the care processes. Care is coordinated and integrated across all elements and in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner. The intended outcomes of the CPC Model include reduction in preventable rehospitalization, reduction in mortality and readmission rates, continuity of care across all post acute settings, patient driven shorter rehabilitation and recuperation periods as opposed to Payment Setting.

The model is theory-based, collaborative and multidisciplinary primarily focusing on patient-centred care. But evidence of the CPC Model's effectiveness remains inconclusive although there are positive outcomes based on intermediary results. Empiric evidence is needed to validate the effectiveness of the model. If proven effective, model can be widely implemented and translated to a national standard based on evidences.

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