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Advanced Care Planning in Hospitals
Sharing stories: a place for aboriginal elders to tell their story, so their journey continues …
  1. J Hawke1,
  2. L Morris1 and
  3. M Wighton2
  1. 1VCAACD
  2. 2Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation


Aboriginal organisations throughout Victoria are funded to deliver quality services to Aboriginal people through HACC, Aged Care, and Disability programs. Services are delivered in a culturally appropriate way taking into consideration the Aboriginal way of life and taking a holistic approach which may include the whole family. These services may be in the homes or in residential care facilities.

Service Co-ordination was targeted recently with linkages and relationships being made between Aboriginal services and mainstream services to find best practices on how to deliver services to Aboriginal people. A 5 stage consultation process occurred and many communities had great results in achieving their goals and outcomes.

A booklet was developed by the Elders, HACC & Disability Services at GEGAC as an information sharing tool for use within the Aboriginal Community for those with Dementia, their families, and the staff involved in their care. In consultation with the local Aboriginal community, the book provides a method of recording a person's life as well as giving them the opportunity to tell their story. It also provides conversation points for aspects that they remember well.

Elders who have shared their story have taken great delight in sharing their childhood experiences, life journey, trials and tribulations with staff. All staff have a better insight into the clients life and challenges that they have had to overcome. This booklet has had an extremely positive result from the local community and health related services.

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