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Passion, persistence and pennies: examples of area wide strategic spread
Passion, persistence and pennies
  1. D Barwich,
  2. C Hoffmann,
  3. C Tayler and
  4. D Roberts
  1. Fraser Health


This interactive session will highlight the work of Fraser Healthy Authority (FHA) in British Columbia, Canada over the past 7 years to champion the development, implementation, and dissemination of its Advance Care Planning work for 1.5 million people throughout our system of care – 12 acute cares sites, 7500+ residential/long term care beds, and community programs. The FHA Let's Talk program, with a passionate commitment to system level change and education, has developed user-friendly, culturally sensitive and easily accessible tools and resources which have been adapted by health and community organizations across Canada, USA and New Zealand for use in their jurisdictions.

Our vision has led to a provincial Community of Practice with representatives from government, all BC regional health authorities, disease specific agencies, first responders, as well as the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) ACP Project Task Group to continuously share resources and experiences. We have also been able to influence policy and uptake at a provincial level with a recent decision to adapt the My Voice Workbook and to place FHA's Let's Talk DVD in all community libraries. Advocacy has resulted in new Advance Directive legislation which broadens options for documentation and choice at end of life.

In partnership with Calgary Health Region, Health Canada and the CHPCA, we have been an important leader to support a National Symposium, Consensus and framework documents, and other initiatives that have promoted a Canadian approach to ACP implementation and a national framework and research agenda.

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