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Launching an area-wide advance care planning campaign
An Australian state's experience of implementing advance care planning: snapshots from Victorian health services
  1. N Doran
  1. Department of Health Victoria, VIC, Australia


The structured, supported platform provided by the Respecting Patient Choices program has been the foundation and precursor to the development of innovative and responsive Advance Care Planning (ACP) models that address the varied needs of our diverse population.

The introduction of ACP in Victoria has initially been through our health services and via the Respecting Patient Choices program. Austin Health, a major metropolitan health service was able to put a compelling case to the Victorian Government to introduce the Respecting Patient Choices program into our health services, with eight health services currently participating and with Austin Health mentoring and supporting implementation.

This structured approach has had many benefits in terms of lessons learnt and has been the springboard for innovation in the development and evolution of ACP implementation and has allowed Victoria to explore and support a range of innovative approaches to implementing ACP.

A series of semi structured interviews with ACP Clinical Leads and Program Managers from a range of Victorian health services identifies the models of ACP implementation, key learnings, outcomes and ongoing challenges that are influencing current and future program direction.

The data is informing the body of evidence relating to ACP implementation and provides useful guidance for the development of:

  • ACP programs, in terms of translating ACP into local environments and adopting and adapting to address local needs;

  • key performance indicators;

  • an evaluation framework; and

  • policy to drive and support ACP.

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